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  • Smart Pecan Farming

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    In April, Syngenta hosted a 2-day workshop in collaboration with GWK and Sidi to equip 85 growers and agents with the latest information.

  • Top Syngenta Agents

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    During the week of 19 -23 March 2018, 10 of the top value in Syngenta product sales agents for the season of June 2016 to end June 2017 were rewarded with an overseas trip to th...

  • Farm safety is a shared responsibility

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    Worker safety is a contentious issue in many industries across the world. While safety incidents in mining and manufacturing often grab the headlines, the safety of farm workers...

  • Fruit for Thought Roadshow

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    Solutions for fruit exporters’ pesticide residue headaches

    At 2,7 million tonnes per year, South Africa is the largest fresh fruit exporter by volume in the southern hemi...

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