Sunflower Seeds


Syngenta is the global market leader in sunflower seed. Thanks to a wide and diverse network of trials in many different countries, cultivars which are best suited to the needs of different customers can be easily identified.

Syngenta continually develops new cultivars, which are determined by changing market requirements. Our sunflower seed is distributed throughout the world and is developed continuously, thanks to Syngenta's widely adapted germplasm.

As Syngenta is constantly in touch with market requirements, it has recently introduced several new products such as herbicide resistant cultivars, high oleic acid products as well as products with resistance to various diseases.

Syngenta strives to continually release improved cultivars in South Africa. This will ensure that the producer who plants Syngenta sunflower seeds will always remain in the forefront of new technological development.

Advantages to the producer when using Syngenta sunflower seed include:  

  • Excellent seed quality – ensures even crop stand
  • Stable, high yield potential – ensures increased income
  • Increased oil percentage – increases the marketable value of the product
  • Excellent ability of crop to remain upright as well as disease resistance – reduces input costs

For more information please contact:

Pieter Craven, Sales Manager: Sensako at

Andries Wessels, Portfolio Manager: Corn, DFC and Soya AME (Africa Middle East) at 011 541 4079 or