Bringing Plant Potential to Life

Syngenta understands the language of plants, and brings their potential to life

Plants are the food we eat, the air we breathe and the environment we enjoy.  Plants are essential for life. They continually renew the earth’s resources.   They provide food, oxygen, fuel, shelter, clothing and medicine
Unlocking the full potential of plants will overcome many of the global challenges that we face.
Syngenta plays a critical role in harnessing the power of plants to meet these challenges.
Syngenta was created in 2000. But our experience with plants goes back many decades. All around the world, our scientists work with a vast range of crops in local conditions, and share their insights globally.
Syngenta understands the language of plants, and brings their potential to life - in larger U.S. corn harvests, for example, and more vigorous Brazilian soybeans. By enabling smallholders in developing countries to grow an extra crop each year, thus improving nutrition and raising income. Through healthier vegetables at affordable prices, or more beautiful flowers for greater enjoyment. And in many, many other ways, while increasing sustainable agriculture farming.
Bringing plant potential to life is our company purpose. We achieve it by working to our values: Innovation, Intensity, Health and Performance.
Innovation means always seeking a better way: turning breakthrough ideas in science and business into new solutions. We do that by fostering our people’s creativity and working closely with customers.
Intensity is about mobilizing a “can-do” approach: focusing our passion and energy. That enables us to build new partnerships to create a winning edge.
Our Health value contributes to the quality of life. It reflects our profound respect for nature and the environment, together with our commitment to releasing employees’ vitality and potential.
Performance means delivering high-quality results and achieving benchmark standards: building our company safely and ethically, and keeping our promises. These values guide our behaviors and actions as we fulfil our role in society and build a great company.
Our world-class science generates a constant flow of innovation. Our global reach and experience deliver tailored solutions. And our commitment to working with customers contributes to their success.
All of which helps agriculture meet the challenges of tomorrow.