Treated Seeds

Beyond Seed Protection™


Syngenta Seedcare provides an innovative pipeline and broad range of existing, effective products. We offer expert support to safely and effectively apply our products onto seeds, as well as tailored services to create and meet demand for treated seeds.​

​Our offer is developed, marketed and supported by very passionate people with deep expertise and global/local knowledge, striving for excellence in everything we do to ultimately satisfy our customers' needs.

Our Value Offer

Unlocking the potential of every seed in a sustainable manner:

Successful and sustainable crop production starts with seed. The variety of seed available to farmers today offer a broad spectrum of traits with undisputed advantages. Seed breeders and gowers invest significant amounts of time and money into the development of these technologies. Ensuring this investment is best protected while exposed in soil to diseasesinsect pestsnematodes or abiotic stresses (e.g. drought), seed treatments are critical to protect the genetic potential of high value seed.

To address these challenges, Syngenta Seedcare offers an industry leading product portfolio based on its world-class research, product development and support capabilities. We call it a three-pillar offer P.A.S. (Products – Application – Services) which delivers value to our customers BEYOND SEED PROTECTION™.

PAS offering

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