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About the PotatoPack™

Syngenta’s groundbreaking PotatoPack is the result of thorough research and field trials – conducted throughout South Africa.


More than 30 local trials show an average yield increase of 6 tons per hectare.  It therefore becomes clear why Syngenta’s  

PotatoPack™ represents a paradigm shift in the way growers approach sustainable potato production.

Ingeniously, this revolutionary programme integrates specific combinations of applications according to the plant’s physiological attributes, thus ensuring that the different systemic and contact solutions complement each other effectively in order to enhance the plant’s health.

The PotatoPack™ encapsulates the right preventative solutions to combat diseases and insects, thus improving risk mitigation, healthier plants and, no less, protracted vegetative growth – all that adds up to increased yield.  All in all just more proof that Syngenta understands the language of plants!

Syngenta’s PotatoPack™, simply put, is groundbreaking science exemplified.  It represents a market revolution in the sense that potato growers can yield much more from less hectares than before.

Today, the PotatoPack™ is the product of choice for a fast growing number of users – in fact, in South Africa 20% of all potato hectares are currently protected with this solution.