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A step change in disease control

Specifically formulated for excellent preventive control of grey leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight and common rust, and the suppression of eyespot, MIRAVIS® Neo delivers a difference you can clearly see. The secret of MIRAVIS® Neo’s strength lies in the powerful synergism between its three active ingredients. The lead active ingredient is an original, brand new compound developed by Syngenta, called ADEPIDYNTM.



Benefits of MIRAVIS® Neo

  • Cover all your bases: a step change in the control of grey leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight and rust in maize with a flexible application window


  • 3-in-1 formulation: the protection maize plants need to prevent nasty surprises at harvest


  • Long lasting protection:  even if fungicide applications become difficult later in the season, ADEPIDYN™ technology continues to protect your crop.

Miravis Neo

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A suspo-emulsion systemic fungicide for the preventative control of diseases in crops...

See the difference in field

Untreated maize plants
Miravis Neo Programme on Maize Plants

MIRAVIS® Neo in field

The difference between a MIRAVIS® Neo programme and a standard programme against Grey Leaf Spot in one field. MIRAVIS® Neo's long-lasting effect of greener plants for longer is clearly visible

Field image for heat mapHeat map showing diseased areas and healthy areas

What will your maize see?

See the difference in the field

Sien die verskil in die land