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A suspo-emulsion systemic fungicide for the preventative control of diseases in crops as indicated.

MIRAVIS Neo is a broad-spectrum fungicide belonging to chemical group 7: SDHI (FRAC). This inhibits Complex II of respiration where SDHI acts. ADEPIDYN™ does not possess cross-resistance with triazoles (DMI) or strobilurins (Qol), hence mixing with these chemicals is recommended for better management of resistance. ADEPIDYN™ has extended residual effect that protects the leaves and delays senescence.

Propiconazole (triazole) is a preventative fungicide belonging to chemical group 3: inhibitors of membrane sterol biosynthesis (DMI) (FRAC). It significantly inhibits the subcuticular development of the mycelium of the fungi and prevents the development of the symptoms of the diseases. It has local systemic properties and translaminar capacity.

The mode of action of azoxystrobin (strobilurin) is to prevent the respiration of fungi due to the disruption of the electron transport chain, preventing ATP synthesis (this occurs as the azoxystrobin binds to the QoI site of Complex III within the mitochondrion). It belongs to chemical group 11.