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Syngenta A-Z ™ maize yield management program

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Syngenta A-Z ™ maize yield management program   

Syngenta A-Z ™ maize yield management program displayed at NAMPO 2012.
The successful A-Z ™ maize yield management program was on display at the annual NAMPO Oesdag 2012.
It is a continuation of the   A-Z ™ 2011 roadshow that offered growers the opportunity to interact with industry leaders like Eric Guicherit, Syngenta’s Global Technical manager for Amistar; Dr Gina Swart, Syngenta’s Global Technical Fungicide Manager and Pannar’s Dr Rikus Kloppers.  
Together the speakers provided an integrated understanding of how products have been proven to offer direct benefits on the physiological processes of a crop, if applied on time.
In so doing a grower will have a better understanding of his crop’s biological potential.


Discussions ranged from Eric’s firsthand experience about maize and soy production in Brazil, to Gina’s insights about Amistar Top® and how diseases can be controlled in maize through optimal application timing of the fungicide, and Rikus Kopper’s advice on optimising yield management by understanding the importance of hybrid selection.

Now the A-Z ™ (from seed to silo) information booklet is available in Afrikaans from Syngenta.

If you would like to the complete series or have missed one of the editions published in the SA Grain magazine, please contact Tanya Lagerwey on 011 541 4000 or [email protected]