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Syngenta Sunflower Production: New technology and higher oil content on the horizon

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 Syngenta Sunflower Production 

Andries Wessels, Portfolio manager, Africa Middle East: Corn, Sunflower and Soya beans
Internationally, Syngenta is synonymous with a dominant sunflower market share. In South Africa, Syngenta is already making inroads and gaining momentum in its drive to offer local growers the benefits of its portfolio. The advantage of germplasm sources across the world and research resources focused on taking only the best cultivars to market, guarantee sunflower growers that all new releases under the Syngenta banner feature a competitive edge.
Syngenta’s sunflower cultivation programme, which stretches across several climate zones, allows growers to benefit from genetics that enhances disease resistance, yield stability and increased oil content. Despite the role that environmental conditions play in the determination of oil content, Syngenta’s new-generation cultivars are setting standards that push the boundaries of traditional oil levels. Growers, who produce specifically for the oil market segment, will appreciate the new high-oil content cultivar, SY 4065, that leads the way as far as higher oil content and above-average yields are concerned.



SY 4065 was this year submitted for variety listing and was planted in strategic localities to illustrate the value of higher oil content to pressers. Whereas oil buyers have not traditionally attached a premium to oil concentrations, it is expected that the value of higher oil cultivars will soon cause the oil industry to take a new turn.


Syngenta offers the conventional sunflower market two options, namely SY 4200 and SY 4045.  In the national cultivar trials, conducted in conjunction with the ARC, SY 4045 emerged as one of the strongest contenders in the medium-long segment. Its yield stability was proven repeatedly over three seasons in more than 35 localities. The regression analyses in the sunflower cultivar report illustrates furthermore that SY 4045 has the ability to adapt to a wide geographical area. The cultivar’s superior agronomical offering, which includes disease resistance and head angle, contributes to a competitive sunflower supplement in any conventional planting. The medium-long growth season also makes SY 4045 suitable for later plantings in cases where summer rains arrive later than expected.  SY 4200 is synonymous with a long growth season and offers increased yield levels that are traditionally associated with earlier plantings. Solid agronomical features are also standard for this cultivar.


Syngenta is furthermore known for outstanding Clearfield (CL) hybrids. The stalwart NK ADAGIO CL, with its medium-long growth season, should be the core hybrid in any CL planting, given its status as one of the top performers in South Africa’s CL market segment. This hybrid’s local adaptability has already been proven. In addition, its longer growth season, combined with strong agronomical characteristics, delivers increased yields and outperforms other imported CL material.

Syngenta is already busy with the commercial release of the next-generation CL material that will boost CL yield levels to new heights. Growers who take the lead with implementing and using this technology will benefit particularly from the next-generation CL release called SY 3970 CL. This cultivar has already undergone thorough local evaluations and has taken great strides in closing the yield gap between conventional and CL sunflower. SY 3970CL has been planted in several commercial demonstration strips across all the sunflower producing areas.


Syngenta offers a unique, integrated crop solutions package that captures the genetic potential of the SY and NK sunflower range with new-technology seed treatments. Successful sunflower growers appreciate the value of production practices that ensure good, uniform stands. With Syngenta’s comprehensive sunflower portfolio – from seed to silo – growers can approach the next planting season with confidence!


For more information, contact Barry Erasmus, Sunflower Key Account Manager: Syngenta, on 082 803 3733 or via e-mail [email protected]