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Some of the many uses for soybeans

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Soybean is the world's primary source of protein and edible oil, and it is a vital crop for our daily existence due to its vast number of uses including food, livestock feed and consumer and industrial products.

Some of the many uses of soybean:

 Soybean Oil   
Whole soybean Soybean Protein
 Edible uses    
Edible uses Edible uses
 Coffee creamers  Seeds  Baby foods
 Cooking Oils  Stock feeds  Beer & Ales
 Filled Milks  Bread  Hypo allergenic milk
 Margarine   Crackers  Meat products
 Mayonnaise  Soy milk  Noodles
 Sandwich spreads  Tofu  Industrial uses
 Industrial uses    Cosmetic
 Diesel fuels    Films for packaging
 Disinfectants    Paints-water based
 Fungicides    Plastics
 Inks-printing    Pharmaceutical
 Paints    Pesticides