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AgriSafe, the first integrated yield- and risk protection model for maize growers

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AgriSafe™ - An innovative first! 

AgriSafe™:  An innovative first!

Syngenta made history when it launched the first integrated yield- and risk protection model for maize growers in September this year.
AgriSafe gives Syngenta’s A-Z growers the opportunity to hedge the value of his Syngenta account, translated to a ton equivalent, on the SAFEX futures market – at no cost or risk to the grower.  This offers the grower the protection of a drop in price, but with the unlimited advantage should the price increase, without the risk of actually having to deliver the crop.
Our growers’ profitability is our main priority.  Profitability is driven by yield and the crop price.  Syngenta’s A-Z maize portfolio has proven over a number of statistical trials significant yield increase.  In the words of Sarel Jansen van Rensburg, maize grower from Potchefstroom area:  “I got excellent results and residual action by spraying Amistar Top® for gray leaf spot in this very dry year.  It was an exceptionally dry year – in some places I only got 180mm of rain fall, other parts up to 270mm.  We sprayed Amistar Top while leaving control blocks, and in certain fields we saw a yield increase of 1,5t/ha.”  Now, with AgriSafe, Syngenta not only offers our growers optimal yield potential, but also the opportunity to soften the risk of a highly volatile commodity price.
In the Landbouweekblad dated 10 Aug 2012, Dr Johan Willemse was quoted:  “Hedging next year will be a necessity, because everyone is going to plant more, from South America to the Kalahari (weather permitting) which will result in an expected decline in price.”  Based on the current American situation and South America’s record yields, it’s clear that AgriSafe could not have been introduced at a better time.
AgriSafe has been launched by Syngenta with great success in countries such as Germany, Canada, Russia and Poland.  AgriSafe offers growers the following benefits:
1.  Offered at no risk or cost to the grower
2.  Syngenta’s A-Z portfolio puts growers in a position of maximum yield
3.  Win-win situation: protection against a declining price with unlimited
   advantage of a higher crop price  
4.  No physical delivery of maize: growers can continue with normal hedging
5.  The higher the Syngenta purchases, the more tons will be hedged on the
   grower’s behalf
6.  Risk management: Weather or crop failure does not come into play, as no
   physical delivery of maize is expected.
To participate in this innovative offer, contact your Syngenta agent today or email the team on [email protected]