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South Africa is one of Africa's agricultural leaders with exports that have grown to the current position as the world's 7th largest exporter of wine, 6th largest exporter of citrus fruit and 10th largest exporter of fruit (based on volume).

Fruit production: historically focused on exports

The Northern Hemisphere’s off-season allows South African producers to supply the European market with nearly 65% of the entire stone and seed fruits exported by the country. The Netherlands and the United Kingdom collectively consume more than 50% of South Africa’s exports, valued at 475 billion Euros.   

Apple and pear fruit production is predicted to reach over 2.7 million tons by 2020.    Apples are by far the most commonly cultivated crop, representing nearly 50% of crop volume with 22.5 million apple trees, followed by 13.7 million pear treas. 

Citrus is a significant contributor to the fruit sector’s income, and is heavily focused on exports, which absorbs more than 60% of South Africa’s production. Other subtropical crops include avocados, bananas, granadillas, guavas, litchis, mangoes, pawpaws, granadillas, plums, melons, nectarines, macadamia- and pecan nuts. 


Capturing value for Growers

The MangoPack™ consists of a full range of products for control of the major insects and fungal diseases on mangoes. 

After thorough research and several demonstration trials, a well designed disease control program, with the inclusion of Actara® and Ortiva®, was proposed. Trials were conducted under a variety of climatic and production conditions in several areas and positive results proned Syngenta to market the MangoPack™ concept as an all inclusive crop solution for advanced mango production.  Apart from solid, broad spectrum disease control, Syngenta could now also include yield and improvement in postharvest fruit quality as part of their offer. 


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