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Plan field inspections more efficiently with the advanced Scouting tools, save your time and resources.

  • The Scouting Map will help you remotely analyze the crop condition and find problematic areas to check. For example, zones affected by diseases or damaged by pests. 
  • Scouting Tasks will make it possible to plan field visits and distribute tasks among colleagues.
  • An extended Scouting Report form in the Cropwise Operations mobile applications will help to record all the details about the crop condition in each problem area. 
  • Recommendations based on Scouting Reports is a tool that will help you take effective measures to eliminate problems by performing the necessary agricultural operations. 

What to begin with?

Observe your crops condition on the Scouting Map. You can see what is happening with fields at the moment in the system.
Choose a field group and crop. Remotely analyze your crop's state on the high–resolution images and find areas to check. To notice abnormalities in plant development, compare the NDVI Variability and NDVI Contrast images.
Scouting Map

Red color in the NDVI Variability image means significant Vegetation Index difference within the boundaries of one field. Cropwise Operations recommends to pay closer attention to this field and analyze it using the NDVI Contrast image.

The NDVI Contrast image helps to see zones with low and/or abnormally high vegetation as compared to other areas. During the early stages of plant development, a high NDVI value may indicate, for example, weeds on the site.

How can one plan an inspection?

Proceed to a Scouting Task form from the Scouting Map directly, select the user who will be assigned to scout a field and make a report for each point.

Each user assigned as responsible for a task will receive a push notification about the task on their smartphone if the user has the Cropwise Operations App installed.

Scouting Tasks

The system allows its users to create Scouting Tasks in manual and automatic modes.

Automatic Scouting Tasks are created by the system automatically according to the parameters set by the user. Such tasks can be formed with a link to dates, NDVI changes, crop growth stages, and agricultural operations.

We suggest to use the Automatic Scouting Tasks Templates created based on the analysis of the best agronomic practices for conducting different types of field inspections. All you need to do is to choose a Template and add it to your Cropwise Operations account. You can edit the template's parameters as necessary.

What can one do directly in a field?

Scouting Reports. In the extended Scouting Reports in the Cropwise Operations mobile applications, the responsible user can record detailed information about the crop's condition in each problem area.

One can add an unlimited number of photos for each point. Add different data about crops — from a growth stage to harvesting humidity. Assess the general condition of the field and the risks of declining yields.

Scouting Reports
What's new?

Comments to any Scouting Report.

Field Scouting Report Template based on an existing one.

The Area of Damage parameter for all types of problems.

What can one do after the inspection?

Make a Recommendation based on the Scouting Report for necessary agricultural operations in the particular field in order to take measures to solve problems timely. For example, to fertilize or spray crops.

And finally...

Cropwise Operations can notify its users about specific crop condition parameters recorded in Scouting Reports using a Telegram chatbot.

Connect a chatbot in the system and activate it in Telegram. A few minutes after a new Scouting Report appears in the system, you will receive a notification about it. The message will also contain information about risks of yield decreasing and plant threats levels if any. Such messages can be received by one person or several people in a Telegram channel.

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