Syngenta 3D ninety nozzle

Don't let your Crop Protection disappear in the mist...

How sure are you that your current spray rig delivers adequate coverage of your crop protection? The 3D 90 nozzle aims to reduce drift by at least 90% while ensuring a unique 3-dimensional coverage of the target application with alternate front /back positioning on your spray boom. 

3D ninety nozzle all sides

Syngenta 3D nozzle launch offers step change in application along with CropWise Spray Assist ™

The pioneering Syngenta 3D ninety nozzle is now available in South Africa. Invented and developed at Syngenta’s class leading research laboratories in Jealott’s Hill, UK; the nozzles attain a new standards in application accuracy and drift reduction, whilst still maintaining the high performance results that growers demand to improve crop protection applications. 


Harnessing the power of 90% drift reduction together with all round 3D coverage is essential for a number of reasons :

  1. More effective. Patented 55O spray angle gives products the best shot
    at hitting the target
  2. Better performance. Unprecedented 90% decrease in drift ensures you
    can keep working when conventional nozzles are no longer effective
  3. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) compatible. Combines drift reduction with the latest spray


This together with our new free of charge Application, CropWise Spray Assist allows growers to not only select the correct nozzle to use for your application but also when the right environmental conditions occur for application. 

3D ninety in potato field

3D Ninety Output Chart

Download the nozzle card here

don't let you CP disappear in the mist

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