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Cereals, wheat

Every year, the world's farmers grow enough wheat to fill a freight train stretching two-and-a-half times around the world.


Foods made with wheat are a major part of the diet for over a third of the global population. Yet wheat is the most susceptible of all major crops to the effects of pests, disease and our changing climate.

Wheat is the world’s largest crop, planted on some 225 million hectares. In South Africa we only plant 750 thousand hectares of wheat and 70 thousand hectares of barley, but despite that, it still is a very important part of our food production strategy. With bread increasing as a staple food among all denominations of the population it is vital to have a plentiful supply of top quality varieties that produces good yields. Meeting the demand means that the average yield of 2,5 tons per hectare must rise. Syngenta is the wheat farmer’s likely partner to achieve this goal.

Global offer, local resources

As a leader in cereal seeds, with crop protection solutions across the entire life cycle, Syngenta is developing new solutions for wheat that integrate seeds, crop protection and agronomic services to increase long-term output and profitability, and accelerate plant yield performance.

Syngenta can provide the wheat farmer with a comprehensive range of crop protection products to maximize his yield.

The products Gramoxone, Preeglone and Touchdown Fortè are widely used in the crop protection program as a pre-plant burn down option. This enables the farmer to reduce his weed population before the season starts.

The seed care product Cruiser Maxx: Wheat provides a combination of insect as well as disease control in one treatment. The pre-emergence herbicide Boxer provides the option to control resistant ryegrass in wheat and barley while the post emergence herbicides Axial and Topik bring the control of ryegrass, canary grass and wild oats to the program.
Combining the grass herbicides with the broadleaf herbicides Logran and Peak the farmer have a complete package of options to cover the spectrum.

Expanding chemical solutions

Syngenta introduced the new Amistar Xtra that controls a wide range of diseases while delivering higher yields in the wheat and barley market during 2011, backed up by two established products namely Tilt and Artea. The introduction of Unix in 2012 is the latest addition to the Syngenta range of fungicides in cereals.

For the control of bollworm Syngenta offers the proven and trusted Karate EC or Karate Zeon to complete the crop protection program.