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Crisp Delight

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Green fruit colour with medium intensity crimson sweet striping. Medium to dark red coloured flesh with firm texture
Crisp Delight is a hybrid, triploid, crimson sweet type of watermelon that produces fruit with extremely firm flesh for the fresh cut fruit processor. Flesh firmness has shown to be twice as firm as standard triploid watermelons. Fruit shape is oval with deep red flesh and clear definition between the rind and the flesh. In addition it has a very small seed size. The fresh cut fruit show minimal post-processing liquid loss as compared to fresh cut fruit from standard triploid varieties. Crisp Delight is broadly adaptable and performs well under a range of growing conditions.
Size Average fruit weight is 7-9 kg
Shape Smooth, blocky shaped fruit
Plant type Vining plant with lobed leaves
Plant vigour Vigorous


75-85 days

Disease Resistance