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Bell peppers

Medium to dark-green fruit turning red at maturity
A blocky hybrid pepper turning red at maturity. Cannon has a strong, open growth habit plant with medium foliage cover. The variety is productive, with excellent continuous fruit growth and minimum pruning needed. The fruits produced are uniform with blocky fruit shape and high tolerance to cracking. The fruits turn from dark-green to red at maturity with excellent firmness and vine storage. They are medium-large sized fruit at 9 - 11 cm x 8.5 - 10 cm. Fruit mass is 175 - 250 g. The fruits are mostly 3 - 4 lobed with very thick fruit walls. Cannon is aimed at areas where virus pressure might...
Size Average fruit size is 9-11 x 8.5-10 cm. Average fruit weight is 175 - 250 g
Shape Mostly 3-4 lobed, medium-large blocky fruits with a very thick and firm wall
Plant type Good plant cover with medium internodes and good continuous setting
Plant vigour Strong vigour.


68 - 75 days

Disease Resistance