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Pegasus® - the broad spectrum insecticide / acaricide for resistance management in tomatoes

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Pegasus is a broad spectrum insecticide and acaricide that controls insects such as aphids, leaf hoppers, white fly, mites and diamond back moth. The active ingredient, diafenthurion, offers a unique mode of action that controls resistant populations. The product offers strong translaminar and gas action, with the result that insects on the lower leaf surface, which is not sprayed directly with the product, are also controlled.



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Pegasus contains diafenthiuron (suphonyl urea 500 g / l Reg No L8668 Act 36 of 1947) CAUTION.  Pegasus is the registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company.  Private bag X60, Halfway House, 1685. Telephone (011) 541 4000.  © Syngenta 2000. Copyright in this document is reserved. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.