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Top Syngenta Agents’ Loyalty Reward trip to Switzerland and United Kingdom!

During the week of 19 -23 March 2018, 10 of the top value in Syngenta product sales agents for the season of June 2016 to end June 2017 were rewarded with an overseas trip to three Syngenta sites.  These agents were top sellers in the three different product groups: Potato Pack, Callisto Proven Technology and Amistar Top.

The sites visited were Basel office (Head office Syngenta), Stein Research Centre, both in Switzerland and Jealott’s Hill International Research Centre in the United Kingdom. 

At the Basel office the group was given an overview of Syngenta and its stewardship policies by Bruce McKenzie (Territory Sustainability and Stewardship Mananger, AME).  There was also a discussion around Syngenta’s digital future in terms of using satellite technology for field crop monitoring.


The visit to the Stein site included various parts, which included how new molecules are discovered, developed and researched for mainly herbicides, and how the pipeline and timeline to market works.  There was also ‘n visit to the SeedCare Institute and a demonstration of how seed treatment is applied and the process discussed


Front from Left:  Cecile Bester (Syngenta), Sarel Kruger, Piet Nieuwenhuizen, Martin Richter, Johan Dyason

Back from Left:  Lafras Lamont, Sarel Nieuwenhuizen, Phil Lindsay, DJ du Plessis, Piet Louwrens, Stephan Venter (Syngenta), Henk Nieuwoudt


The Jealott’s Hill visit was one of the many highlights of the trip.  This site is 300ha in size, with greenhouses and research fields.  Here they saw the process of discovery and research that go into Syngenta’s fungicides and insecticides mainly, and also how the double haploid breeding program for wheat works.  Then there was the formulation robot, this state of the art robot does formulation ‘experiments’ for new products to find the best formulation.  By using this robot, Syngenta is able to find the best formulation for a new product in much less time!



The agents rewarded with this trip were as follows:

Amistar Top:

Phillip Lindsay 

Piet Nieuwenhuizen

Callisto Proven Technology:

Henk Nieuwoudt

Martin Richter

Sarel Nieuwenhuizen

Johan Dyason

Potato Pack:

Piet Louwrens

Sarel Kruger

Lafras Lamont

DJ du Plessis