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Syngenta Stresses Farming Commitment

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GLOBAL farming is driven by the fact that an extra two mouths have to be fed every second of the day, while 10 million to 12 million hectares less land are available for food production every year.
“To stay relevant in this fast growing yet highly competitive farming environment, the local farming industry has to deal with several challenges,” Antonie Delport, managing director of Syngenta SA, told a group of 64 esteemed grain growers at an AgriSafe™ function in Fourways, Johannesburg on 5 October 2013.
Delport said that local farmers know the demands and challenges of the modern farming environment and call for responsible companies committed to problem solving.
“Syngenta, on a global platform and also locally, has pledged the company’s commitment to feed the world without further depleting its natural resources.”
Local challenges included quality training for young growers and networking with the country’s policy makers to show the way to sustained food security, Delport said. “Policy makers are often unfamiliar with the practical side of farming and have to be informed and guided in order to ensure a sound farming environment and resulting food security.”
To contribute to local farming excellence, Syngenta’s AgriSafe™ concept and the founding of the Syngenta Grain Academy in partnership with the University of the Free State (UOFS) Business School are but two positive company involvements.  
Young growers graduating from the Academy expressed their appreciation for a hands-on, valuable addition to local training, Linda van der Merwe, head of Syngenta customer marketing, said at the function. “Complemented by the AgriSafe™ aim of high-level risk management, Syngenta now plays a pro-active part in ensuring enough able growers for the future and local food security.”
AgriSafe™, an innovative risk-protection solution for grain producers, made its debut in 2012 with 300 participating growers.
Van der Merwe said that these positive involvements in the local farming industry were in line with Syngenta’s The Good Growth Plan, a commitment to make a measurable contribution to feed the world while optimising its valued resources. Mike Mack, Syngenta CEO, has repeatedly pledged the company’s commitment to value and save land, to contribute towards safe food, help growers grow their crops effectively and several other worthy causes.        
* Gilly Scheepers, Grain SA’s producer for 2012, was awarded a Syngenta jacket at the function. The group of farmers were also treated to this year’s final clash between the Springboks and the All Blacks at Ellispark.