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Syngenta shaping the future of agriculture

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Launch of Grain Academy 2015 

Syngenta shaping the future of agriculture with its Grain Academy

Bloemfontein – 24 February 2015

On 24 February 2015, Syngenta the global agricultural business launched its 2015 Grain Academy, a leadership development programme for young commercial growers to equip them to address the challenges the agriculture industry faces.

“In partnership with the University of the Free State and with the support of Grain SA, we proudly welcome the 25 dynamic growers to this year’s programme, in particular the three female growers who have joined the team, highlighting the contribution made by women to our agriculture sector,” says Antonie Delport, managing director of Syngenta SA.


Syngenta believes that the future of agriculture should be shaped rather than left to chance. Driven by this belief, the programme’s objective is to develop growers with outstanding leadership & business-minded qualities.  “We also believe that the future of the agricultural sector should be a guided process to ensure that the industry is geared for economic growth and sustainability with dynamic leadership,” adds Delport.


After the programme’s successful completion in 2013 and 2014, this year the Grain Academy will aim to benefit the individual on a personal and professional level and will contribute to the greater agricultural community.

Some of the themes that will be covered in the 2015 Grain Academy programme include:

  • The changing and interactive future of agriculture
  • The art of leading
  • Giving direction including systems thinking
  • Valuing diversity
  • Leading and facilitating change and transformation

Jannie de Villiers, CEO of Grain SA says “The continuation of the Grain Academy is in line with Grain SA’s strategic objectives and we’re excited to maintain our partnership with Syngenta on delivering this project. The future of sustainable production lies in our competitiveness and it can only be improved with ongoing development.”


While Chris Bender, a grower from the Free State and 2013 Grain Academy alumni says “I expected to learn about crops, but my biggest shortcomings were addressed - managerial skills and leadership development”, a 2014 alumni, Adriaan Bibbey from Frankfort says “The Grain Academy Programme is a great insightful journey that has the capability to create change.”