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Syngenta celebrates first AgriSafe pay-outs

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Back row from left: Stephen Oberholzer, Christo van Zyl, Leon Aucamp, Neels Jooste, Frans Roos, Rolf Dickmann, Francois van Greunen, Stefan van Zyl en Linda van der Merwe
Front row from left: Willem Fraser, Hannes Radley, Louise Swart, Laraine Kruger, J.C Strauss, J.C Radley en Neels Rautenbach.

Growers who received the first AgriSafe pay-outs celebrated this new direction in risk protection on Thursday evening, 22 August.

AgriSafe made its debut in the 2012 planting season with more than 300 participating growers. Sixty-four of them shared a total pay-out of more than R400 000.

The event to celebrate this milestone was a five-star dinner at Diep in die Berg in Pretoria where Jak de Priester and Anna Davel entertained the guests. Growers received symbolic cheques to mark the occasion – the cash is being paid into their bank accounts directly.  

The AgriSafe concept is simple: when a grower invests in Syngenta’s A-Z programme to protect his crop and optimise his yield, the company offers free hedging for a tonnage based on the value of the transaction. Syngenta secures the cover on the SAFEX futures market at no cost to the grower and without the obligation to deliver the crop. Should the fixing date price be lower than the futures price, Syngenta pays out the difference to the grower. If the market closes higher, the grower enjoys the unlimited benefit of the higher commodity price.


The AgriSafe offer has been improved ahead of the 2013 season. When a grower hedges his maize crop with AgriSafe, Syngenta will extend the cover to other summer crops, such as soya beans and sunflower, at the white maize price.


Contact your Syngenta agent today to make sure that you capitalise on this innovative offer!