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Smart Pecan Farming

News Snippets


As the pecan nut industry continues to expand, knowledge is a powerful asset in the quest to grow this crop successfully and sustainably.  In April, Syngenta hosted a 2-day workshop in collaboration with GWK and Sidi to equip 85 growers and agents with the latest information.


On the first day, Syngenta shared insights on the main pests, diseases and weeds in pecans, how to recognize them as well as strategies for control.  Stewardship training to ensure best practices for safe handling and application of pesticides was also provided.


GWK presenters addressed a range of subjects, including the phenology of pecan trees (Eugene le Roux), irrigation (Hannes Hattingh) and market dynamics (Gunther Hollenbach), whilst Dr Chris Schmidt (Sidi) shared his thoughts on a holistic approach to pecan production with emphasis on fertilization.


Day two of the workshop included a visit to a nearby orchard and kicked off with a spray demonstration by Agrifriend.  By means of a profile pit, Sidi’s Jason Sparrow and Dr Chris Schmidt then shed light on the influence of soil physical and chemical properties and the practical considerations thereof for establishment and maintenance of trees. The day was concluded by an open discussion where various questions from growers were addressed by the experts present.