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Nampo Harvest Day Expo 2013

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Integrated crop solutions for sustainability in agriculuture

Syngenta at Nampo Harvest Day 2013
Syngenta at the annual Nampo Harvest Day exhibition

Innovation on show at Nampo Harvest Day

Syngenta exhibited its integrated crop solutions and showed how technology, land and people can interlink to shape the future of agriculture in South Africa and Africa at the annual Nampo Harvest Day exhibition from 14-17 May 2013
The exhibition is organised by the South African grain producers association, Grain SA, and this year it focused on the latest available technology for sustainable production to ensure sustainable farming practices are adopted in South Africa because food security is becoming increasingly important as our global population continues to multiply.

The show promoted sustainable farming methods to help guarantee that enough food is continually produced for the nation, said Johan Loxton, Grain SA commercial services manager. The annual Nampo Harvest Day exhibition is held just outside Bothaville in the Free State.

Syngenta displayed how it is meeting the challenges of the 21st century with its integrated solutions for key crops like vegetables, potatoes, cereals and maize.
AgriSafe™, Syngenta’s innovative risk protection offer for both maize and cereals was also on display.  With AgriSafe™ the grower is able to protect the value of his Syngenta purchases, equivalent in tons, with a set futures maize/ wheat price. This way the grower is protected from a possible downside in price, while remaining in a position to benefit from increases, with no risk to actually deliver the maize or the cereal.
The future of agriculture in South Africa needs to be shaped actively and not left to circumstance. The Syngenta Grain Academy is the first tailor-made leadership development programme for South Africa’s commercial growers. The Academy aims to equip them with skills to address the challenges of tomorrow, not only on their farms but also in the greater agricultural community.
Have you got a footprint in Africa and want to know how Syngenta’s can add value? Christian Giesel was available to talk about  growing partnerships with commercial farms across Africa is maximising output, mitigating agronomical risks and securing sustainability.
We look forward to seeing you at the show next year.