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Join us at Nampo 2014

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Join Syngenta at Nampo 2014 

One could say that calendar years and Syngenta years bear a close resemblance to human years and dog years. Over the past 12 months, our business has seen the kind of innovation and progress that could keep other companies occupied for seven years.
It would therefore be a mistake to assume that because you visited the Syngenta stand at the Nampo Harvest Day last year, it wouldn’t be worth your while to come see us in 2014. On the contrary, we have lots to talk about.
Integrated solutions
Only about 3% of the earth’s surface is available to agriculture and can be used to grow food for the ever-increasing population. One of Syngenta’s strategic drivers is to produce more with less. We also want to enable technology, soil and people to work together to determine the future of agriculture in South Africa and Africa. Come and exchange ideas with us on how we can address the challenges of the 21st century with our integrated crop solutions for vegetables, wheat and maize.
A-Z™ programme
Did you know that without crop protection measures, as much as 42% of pre-harvest and a further 10% of post-harvest crops would be lost? The impacts of insects, weeds and diseases would leave very little for human consumption. Syngenta’s A-Z programme is already synonymous with higher yields, healthier crops and a dramatic reduction in the damage caused by pests and plagues. In 2013 we paid specific attention to the fine-tuning of our A-Z programme for small grain, notably wheat. We would love the opportunity to explore with you how our programme can address your wheat headaches.
Root health
Root health is a new focus area for Syngenta. Although we have always known that a healthy plant needs healthy roots, we launched a targeted programme in 2013 to promote root health. Cruiser Maxx® is one of our specialist
products in this area. It is a seed treatment that controls both fungi and aphids even before the seedling emerges. As a result, the grower can start working towards optimal yield as soon as the seed is in the ground. Come talk to us about this trailblazing product.
Did you hedge your crop protection investment with AgriSafe™ this year? If so, we would like to hear how you experienced the process and what we can do to improve it. If not, let us tell you more about this innovative way of protecting your maize and other cereals against risk. The AgriSafe™ model translates the value of a grower’s Syngenta account into a tonnage equivalent on the SAFEX futures market, without exposing the grower to any further costs or risks. The grower is protected against lower prices while still being in a position to benefit from any  increases, without the risk of actually delivering the crop. AgriSafe™ made its debut in the 2012 planting season and is available for next season.
Grain Academy
In February 2014, the second group of young growers started their year at the Syngenta Grain Academy. The first
candidates completed the programme at the end of last year and their feedback confirms that this tailor-made leadership development programme for commercial growers is the right initiative at the right time. The future of agriculture cannot be left to chance but should be actively shaped. The Syngenta Grain Academy aims to equip the agri-leaders of tomorrow to address challenges on their own farms and in the broader agricultural community. Come talk to us to learn how you can extend your leadership influence through the Syngenta Grain Academy.
Partnership development
Are you already involved in business ventures in Africa and interested to find out how Syngenta can assist? It will be our pleasure to exchange ideas about how to develop partnerships with commercial farms in order to optimise yield, decrease agronomical risks and ensure sustainability.
As you can see, there are more than just a handful of good reasons to pay a visit to the Syngenta exhibition at stand numbers 14f and 14g; from 13 May 2014 to 16 May 2014.