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Invitation to attend Syngenta's 2013 Grain Academy

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Syngenta believes that the future of agriculture should be shaped rather than left to chance. Therefore, in partnership with the University of the Free State’s Business School, we have developed a tailored programme for young commercial growers to equip them to address the challenges of tomorrow.


The Syngenta Grain Academy will address the following topics:

  •              The changing and interactive future of agriculture
  •              The art of leading
  •              Giving direction including systems thinking
  •              Valuing diversity
  •              Leading and facilitating change and transformation


The Grain Academy will benefit the individual on a personal and professional level and will contribute to the greater agricultural community. It will consist of three modules of three days each at the end of February, April and June 2013 and will take place at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein.


Syngenta sponsors 20 students to attend this programme and invites growers who meet the criteria (see below) to apply.


Should you be interested, please send your details to Leon van Wyk at [email protected] or Linda van der Merwe at [email protected] no later than 15 December 2012. Successfull candidates will be contacted by 15 January 2013.



Qualifying criteria: (1) Candidate must be a bona-fide grain producer (maize, small grain, grain sorghum and oilseeds) (2) Candidate must preferably be younger than 45 years (3) Candidate must be able to prove his involvement in agriculture (4) Candidate must preferably have a tertiary qualification (5) Candidate must commit to attend all three modules