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Brits production plant

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Brits Plant celebrates a new production record... 1.2 million litres in one month!
 At Syngenta, we value the intensity of a dedicated team and their ability to perform under pressure. In October 2011 the Brits Formulation, Fill and Packing Plant (FF&P) reached a new production record of 1.2 million litres for the month. Such a huge achievement cannot be ignored; therefore each permanent and seasonal worker was invited to a celebration braai during their working shift.
Health, safety, quality and environmental management are core values at FF&P and led to the team giving back to the community as part of their celebration. On November 3rd 2011, they tightened their safety shoes and walked to clean up the neighbourhood pavements. Once all the litter was collected, everyone returned to the canteen for a well earned braai.