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2015 Grain Producer of the Year

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Grain SA celebrates South Africa’s distinguished grain producers with the announcement of the 2015 Grain Producer of the Year
Grain SA celebrated the successes of their grain producers during a prestigious gala event, held at The Theatre on the Track in Midrand on Friday, 16 October 2015. This year’s awards ceremony commemorated the 16th year of the gala awards, since replacing the previous Maize Man of the Year in 2000, and was attended by Members of Parliament, representatives of the various Agricultural Trusts, organised agriculture and government, as well as academia, fellow industry leaders and guests of honour – grain producers from around the country.

The event, which coincided with World Food Day, awarded Grain SA the opportunity to give recognition to grain producers who form the basis of food security in South Africa. In addition, the finalists serve as excellent role models to the younger generation of producers whilst the image of the grain producer is enhanced. The judges were once again faced with a difficult task as all the finalists proved to be exceptional producers with diverse management styles. This category gives recognition to successful grain producers who manage their businesses with such passion and dedication, so as to set an example and serve as inspiration to other producers.
From left to right: Louw Steytler, Chairperson, Grain SA; Vickie Bruwer, Chrisna Fourie, Trisa Bruwer, Vickie Bruwer snr, Hannes Bruwer, Almyne Bruwer from Genade Boerdery, the 2015 Grain SA/Syngenta Grain farmer of the year; Linda van der Merwe, Head: Customer Marketing, Syngenta South Africa. (Absent: Gerhard and Liesel Bruwer.)

From left to right: Louw Steytler, Chariperson, Grain SA; Zoliswa Rhum and Daliwonga Nombewu, 2015 Grain SA/Syngenta Smallholder of the Year; Linda van der Merwe, Head Customer Marketing, Syngenta South Africa

From left to right: Louw Steytler, Chaiperson, Grain SA; Ngubengcuka Christian Moyo, 2015 Grain SA/ABSA Subsistence Farmer of the Year; Brienne van der Walt, Head Business Banking Sector, ABSA

From left to right: Louw Steytler, Chairperson, Grain SA; Solomon Masango and Christina Masango, 2015 Grain SA/ABSA/John Deere Financial New Era Commercial grower of the year; Jacques Taylor, Managing Director, John Deere Financial Sub-Saharan Africa & Thailand; Brienne van der Walt, Head Business Banking Sector, ABSA
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