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AgriClime for Rain

How does AgriClime work?

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What is AgriClime™?

AgriClime™ helps growers offset the risk of adverse weather conditions during the growing season through a possible cash back.

In times of volatile climatic conditions, the grower can have the confidence to invest in Syngenta products, by knowing that Syngenta is willing to share in the risk of drought.

How does AgriClime™ work?

Featured here is an example of the AgriClime™ product benefits based on a grower buying R500 000 worth of Syngenta products.

Possible AgriClime™ pay out for a Syngenta purchase of R500 000

The further below the trigger point you are in the risk period (and the worse off you are in terms of rainfall), the better the pay-out you receive on your Syngenta purchases.

For more information please call Syngenta on 011 541 4013 or contact your Agent.

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